Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nokia 808 PureView is now on sale, unboxing pictures are inside

it appears that the 808 PureView has finally started leaving Nokia's factories and making its way to retailers.
Even though Nokia hasn't mentioned a word about it, we've received several tips in the last few days that the monster cameraphone has appeared in various stores, mostly in Asia. We even got in touch with a seller from Singapore, who was able to confirm the availability of the smartphone and send us the following photo as proof.
Obviously this isn't an isolated case as the guys from managed to obtain no less than three 808 PureView units and treated us all to a bunch of unboxing pictures.
Obviously, the worldwide availability of the Nokia 808 PureView won't happen overnight and the gradual rollout appears to have already started in Asia. Europe is expected to follow in the next month or so with America coming last.
As you can see the retail package covers the basics with a microUSB cable, a wall charger, a headset and a lanyard included in the box. Optionally, you can purchase an original Nokia protector case and a tripod mount.
So, if you want to be one of the first to get the Nokia 808 PureView and you happen to live in Asia, you might get the chance sooner than you think.

4100万像素 诺基亚808零售版开箱图集
4100万像素 诺基亚808零售版开箱图集

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  1. This mobile makers make fun of us. Canon and nikon with 12 to 18 Megapixes sell DSLR cameras for more than Rs.30000. Nokia comes up with 41 MP with such a small lens.This is absolutely ridiculous for those who know photography and optics. They should concentrate on making good phones not cameras. How this camera will display a image of 41MP. What kind of optics you will get with such a small lens? Customers are taken for a ride and those who spend money mindlessly no problem at all.