Friday, 15 June 2012

Windows 8 is the next Vista

Windows 8 will fail to gain enough consumer attraction to compete with the ipad. There are a lot of analysts saying that people are waiting for win8 tablets or something else, but at the end everyone wants the ipad, soon the ipad 3.

Here is why:
- Entry Price Point : Due to the fact that Microsoft needs OEM's to sell win8 tablets, every OEM wants / hopes that they can sell new devices for a higher price because they hope that people want "the next stuff" and are interested in the new devices. It is true for the 1% nerds / geeks (like me) around the globe, but the general consumer is different. Look at Android Tablets from the ASUS, Acer, Samsung etc.. These are great devices but according to analysis apple is selling much more ipads then the rest of the entire tablet market. Why? It's easy to answer, because Apple was the first to introduce such a device. The brand value of Apple and the great consumer interest in Apple stuff. So what is doing Google with Android ? Catch up everyone with <200$ Devices. And i'm sure these devices will not satisfy the customers as the ipad does. Back to Microsoft, the entry price point for some devices at Computex show devices with starting at 700-800$ for a tablet with a docking station? Sure a great device but the masses are not willingly to bus another 800$ device because they buy expensive smartphones. The industry, exclude Apple, hoped that people are buying every sh** because it is new.
- Competition: - Windows is on every "bigger" computing device (Laptops, PCs ...) but the mobile space is a different area where Apple and Samsung (with Android) are gaining a lot of attraction. And i'm not seeing any OEM which is pushing his win8 device because everyone is also pushing their Android devices. So the question for an OEM is: Is it better to push Android Tablets, because there are a lot of Android Smartphones out there - and i'm also selling android smartphones or makes it sense to push win8? I hope that win8 will bring great competition to the tablet market because great competition often leads to innovations, price wars etc. At the end the consumer wins.
- Windows 8 itself: Ok, Windows Vista was a crappy OS. Windows 7 did everything much better. Everyone knows that. Windows 8 will sell well because around the globe many people are buying laptops, pc's and OEM's will sell only win8 PC's. And i thought the substantial argument that win8 won't sell like win7 is the fact that it is new and changes the way people use there PC's in a radical way that many of us will swich to win7.
- Kill the OEM's license fee, or reduce it to a minimum
- Work with OEM's more closely and create devices which makes a lot of sense for win8 ( look at the computex impressions, nobody is really feeling "aha that is a great use for win8"). Maybe. we need new devices or new interaction schemes because people are getting a bit bored to see win8 tablet without any differentiation to other products. Sounds easy, but if Microsoft wants to be there as a consumer company in 5 years, they have to do more.

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