Thursday, 19 July 2012

Original iPad prototype photos

It appears that as early as 2002, Apple had been working on what would eventually become the world’s most famous tablet computer: the iPad. In some recently explored court documents made public in an Apple vs Samsung court case, it appears that not only did Apple Senior VP of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive reveal when he first began work on the unit known as 035, aka eventually the iPad, several photos were shown as well. What you’ll see here is a very thick early vision.

Windows 8 Release Date is October 26

Windows 8 will be released on October 26, 2012.

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft's Windows division, made the announcement during the company's annual sales meeting, according to the Windows Team Blog. The company had already announced late October availability for the new operating system, but did not give a specific date until today.

The release date applies to new Windows 8 PCs and to upgrades, which will cost $40 through January 31 for users running Windows XP or later. No specific launch day hardware was mentioned, but Microsoft's Surface Windows RT tablet should be available around that time.

Microsoft still hasn't announced non-upgrade Windows 8 pricing for users who build their own PCs or want to run the OS on Mac hardware. There's been some chatter that Microsoft will sell a "System Builder" or OEM version of the OS, but not a standalone full retail version.

Windows 8 is a major overhaul, with a new Start screen optimized for touch screens and an app store for tablet-friendly "Metro-style" programs.

iPhone 5 to Feature 1GB RAM, 4G LTE and NFC

Last week a report claimed that 'iPhone 5' had hit production and had speculated that it could be released as early as September.
However, folks at BGR claim that according to a trusted source, the next generation iPhone is still in engineering testing stage and yet to enter production, but is on track for fall release.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse Available Now

The SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] features the core essentials of a premium-quality gaming mouse, but for users that may not require all of the customization that the 32 bit ARM processor inside of the SteelSeries Sensei has to offer. The Sensei [RAW] will provide users with the same Sensei shape and size as well as:

Sony Xperia Tipo pictures and hands-on

A glance of the expert's eye might miss that the Sony Xperia Tipo is an Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset, but it seems that Google's most recently released mobile OS version is everywhere these days - even in a handset preparing to hit the shelves at under £100.
The idea from Sony is a fairly simple one. There are plenty of budget Android phones out there but few from the likes of the trusted hardware manufactures such as HTC, Samsung, Nokia and its good self. So, customers looking in that price bracket might then be swayed by the Xperia name as well as the promise of ICS.

Skype Source Code Leaked




Thursday, 5 July 2012

iPad Mini: Something Bigger than Rumors

Apple, at the moment, offers iPad in 10-inch form factor only. However, the fact might change this year as rumors and reports focusing on a 7-inch tablet from Apple are at all time high.

After the debut of Google Nexus tablet, iPad Mini is the only big tablet left in the rumor mill. However, this tablet is not just a rumor. Most of the big publications and analysts are talking about iPad Mini nowadays.

FINAL FANTASY® XIV for Windows Specifications

FINAL FANTASY® XIV for Windows® - Recommended In-Game Settings

The following in-game settings are recommended to run the game smoothly.

Window Size and Display Mode1280 x 720 (Windowed)
Ambient OcclusionOFF
Depth of FieldON
Shadow DetailStandard
Multisampling4 x MSAA
Buffer SizeWindow Size
Texture QualityHigh
Texture FilteringHigh

First True4K Video Camera Under $1000 Films FullHD at 150 FPS

In the cinematographic and film industry, the 4K standard is the next best thing. While many cameras cost thousands of dollars, Point Grey Research Inc. is proposing a very capable True 4K video camera for just $945 USD.
We always complained by the somewhat low resolution of the films rolling in movie theaters and we enjoyed those 4K marketing clips quite a bit.

One other desirable aspect about movies is the adoption of a more decent FPS standard, like 85 FPS instead of today’s 29, or even 21 FPS.

Win8 Build 8432, Microsoft demonstrated new Word 2013

Before TechEd technology conference, Microsoft demonstrated the latest Windows by RT version of Build 8432, the Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013's icon first exposure (OneNote 2013 and Excel 2013's icon has been exposed).

Microsoft demonstrated Windows by RT version of Build 8432 belongs to the Pre-RTM branch, compiled on June 11. This screenshot below for the first time exposure of Word and PowerPoint in Office 2013 in the new icon:


These thing just keep getting better and better I hope to see a few of these at E3 this year. ION made a PSP like case that your iPhone can just pop right in to. You can even turn the device to portrait mode for the game that use it. The device is called iCade Mobile and ION claims it to be compatible with over 100 apps and games. It’s designed with four bumper buttons a D-pad and four action buttons and works via Bluetooth. For those of us that have large hands or fat fingers or large hands with fat fingers this could be a God send! allowing one to see all the iPhone screen real-estate in all it’s retina glory can be pure bliss for the mobile gamer. ION has this slated for launch in May and expect a $79 price tag.

RTS X Fighters. Check out the Ultimate Starcraft II Arcade Stick

Custom built arcades sticks are a particularly unique aspect of the fighting game scene.  To celebrate these incredible creations, SRK commissioned a cross-over contest:  design and build the ultimate Starcraft II arcade stick.  The task was to take all the craftsmanship and flair that goes into a handmade fightstick, but translate it to a different game genre.
Here is the winning submission, by Mauricio Romano.  I was blown away by the initial renderings for his stick, and equally impressed by the fully functional final product.  Here’s Mauricio’s concept render for the stick.

The “Keyboard”

Instead of a keyboard, the stick uses a matrix of Sanwa buttons traditionally used in fighting game arcade sticks. The larger buttons on the bottom left and right of the button array are for the CTRL, SHIFT, and Space keys. When plugged in via USB, the stick is recognized as a normal keyboard.  No button mapping required.

The Mouse

The hemisphere you see on the right is a fully working 2-button mouse build using an Ultrastik analog joystick configured as an absolute pointing device.  This allows for an RTS like feel while still maintaining the two-hands-on-the-stick spirit of a fight sticks.

The End Result

Is this controller as effective as a good mechanical keyboard and mouse?  Hell no, but that wasn’t the point!  This was a cross-over challenge to blend RTS and Fighter controls, borrowing from both and unifying them in a way that makes sense in both worlds.  If you’d like to see more of the stick, check out these galleries.

Gorgeous nebula theme open chassis MOD

Prior to this, we started to appreciate the domestic players Xing Kai, Hulk, Iron Man, two Avenger Union hero chassis MOD works. Today, Xing Kai also offer individuals the fifth artwork, "Nebula ON.5, The style again changed a lot and it is the first time trying an open platform as a principal.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Four-core MX: Huawei's new flagship Ascend D, Quad just 2999 ( 472 USD )?

We already know that Huawei quad-core mobile Ascend D Quad will be on the market in August, but now most people are concerned about its price.

Earlier today, the sources claimed that in view of the pricing principles of Meizu quad core version MX which also powered by the quad-core processors of their home-grown K3V2, Huawei's new flagship Ascend D Quad selling price will maintain same level of 2999 yuan (472 USD).

Nokia launching Windows Phone 8 devices before the end of the year

Microsoft announced at the Developer Summit a couple of weeks ago that Windows Phone 8 would have four partners at launch, namely, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei. While Huawei were quick off the mark to announce that they were going to be bringing their Ascend range to Windows Phone, it took a "leak" from an HTC insider to for us to find out the they were planning to launch three Windows Phone 8 devices; the flagship "Zenith", the midrange "Accord" and the entry-level "Rio." Samsung have also promised to bring a Samsung Galaxy SIII like device to Windows Phone 8, yet the premier Windows Phone OEM in Nokia has been conspicuously quiet. Unknown to us, there have been rumours that the first Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices were not going to be launching until early 2013. Fortunately - for some of us that are holding out for a WP8 Lumia - WPDang is reporting that Nokia has accelerated its processes and are now on target to release their initial Windows Phone 8 devices before the of the year.

360 Flagship Machine: 4.5 inch Screen Retina Sold 1888

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Qihoo 360 (NYSE:QIHU) joint Haier today published its third special phone Haier W910, equipped with 4.5 inch screen retina and Qualcomm 1.5G processor, price of 1888 Yuan, will be listed in late July.

This phone is named “Haier Super flagship”, equipped with 28 nm high throughput 8260A dual core 1.5G processor and United States Corning’s Donkey Kong II rub the scratch proof glass, will be listed in late July.

NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook Claims to Be the World's Lightest

No one complained when we reported NEC's initial claimed weight of 999 grams (2.2 pounds) for its LaVie Z Ultrabook, but it turns out that statistic is brutally unfair. The 13.3-inch laptop actually tips the scales at just 875 grams (1.9 pounds) thanks to the magnesium lithium alloy used in its 0.59-inch chassis -- not bad when you consider that there are still 1.3kg netbooks wandering the planet. Of course, in line with Intel's official Ultrabook spec, you're getting a minimum Core i5-3317U processor (yes, that's Ivy Bridge) and 128GB SSD, plus USB 3.0, SDXC slot, HDMI out and a claimed battery life of 8.1 hours. There's no word on US pricing yet, but that base spec will set you back ¥130,000 ($1,600) in Japan, while the top model with Core i7-3517U and 256GB SSD will add another ¥30,000 ($375) to your bill.