Thursday, 5 July 2012

First True4K Video Camera Under $1000 Films FullHD at 150 FPS

In the cinematographic and film industry, the 4K standard is the next best thing. While many cameras cost thousands of dollars, Point Grey Research Inc. is proposing a very capable True 4K video camera for just $945 USD.
We always complained by the somewhat low resolution of the films rolling in movie theaters and we enjoyed those 4K marketing clips quite a bit.

One other desirable aspect about movies is the adoption of a more decent FPS standard, like 85 FPS instead of today’s 29, or even 21 FPS.
The industry would be better off concentrating on increasing the resolution or FPS quality of their movies instead of delivering overpriced, short and trivial so-called “3D-effects.”

Point Grey Research Inc. is a Canadian company reportedly offering a new high-quality video camera that brings just what we talked about: high True 4K video recording and high-speed FullHD recording at an impressive 150 FPS.

It’s most unfortunate that 4K recording is done at just 21 FPS, but we can’t argue too much, since the price is almost unbelievable.

We’re surely hoping for a 60 or even an 85 FPS version in the future, but for now, the Flea3’s 4096 x 2160 True4K resolution is really impressive for a sub-$1000 USD product.

Point Grey Research’s 4K is even made in Canada. This is not a “Made-in-China/Malaysia/Philippines” device.

The Flea3 also comes with a CS lens mount for those that already have some at hand or really want to experiment with the new wonder.

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