Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gorgeous nebula theme open chassis MOD

Prior to this, we started to appreciate the domestic players Xing Kai, Hulk, Iron Man, two Avenger Union hero chassis MOD works. Today, Xing Kai also offer individuals the fifth artwork, "Nebula ON.5, The style again changed a lot and it is the first time trying an open platform as a principal.

This new MOD works well-known cartoon image Mobile Suit Gundam, the science fiction film Star space station as the theme of a source of inspiration, the appearance of scientific and technological sense, full of a sense of space, full of the offensive, the top of the two "cannon" is the full impact.

In the color design, has always insisted that no more than three primary colors. The main color, air fighters, motorized up to the ships of military battleship gray with a matt black, highlight the metal texture of the electroplated silver, and irregular coating with a little black gold color. Doing so one can highlight the overall sense of depth and visual impact, the two echoes internal Gigabyte GA-990X-UD7 motherboard north and south bridge and power supply heat sink black gold color.

Lighting light source in order to bring out the elements of the universe, galactic nebula, the installation of mainly blue, orange, supplemented by the interstellar color. After nightfall, the entire space is set off like a Milky Way-like neon multicolored.

As for the meaning of ON.5, ON select "On" in the common electronic products, ON / OFF switch, the implication of these years, the MOD in this area adhere to and fully open the fire continue to offer the better works of creation The number "5" is to commemorate this work is the fifth MOD works in 2012 individuals.

In addition to the cool look, the cooling for the machine configuration, the considerations of cost, safety, quality and performance of the cooling equipment is no doubt particularly critical, and the final choice of Bitspower both the CPU and the cold head cold, graphics head, the joint cold drainage boxes, even in the traditional mechanical hard disk, all Bitspower the figure. Install the full set of water-cooled, the difficulty is to be imagined in such an irregular platform.

The first time in the internal hardware of the top models of the AMD Bulldozer platform FX-8150 with three Dylan Radeon HD 7970 graphics card, follow-up will be the formation of a six-screen system. The platform in front of a LCD screen, real-time monitoring of system status. Other Rhine X1050 power supply, Samsung P830 256GB solid state drives, Micron Ballistix Tactical Tracer light bar memory and so on.


Author Thought:
This is Part V of the MOD works in this year's first attempt at an open platform, for the first time AMD Bulldozer series platform, the graphics for the first time using the HD7000 series platform, but also for the first time will be water-cooled installed in an irregular host platform, for the first time focus on the handling of the cosmic nebula light. For myself, the many aspects are new, new challenges, new degree of difficulty, will also be given a new harvest. I hope we continue to focus on support for the MOD works :-)

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