Monday, 25 June 2012

The Amazing Nokia Air Tablet, Phone Symbian/MeeGo concept

A while back there was a Nokia promo video showing the seamless integration between a tablet, a phone and a little pocket phone companion (no, not the morph one). I can’t seem to find it in google anymore (it seems to have an issue searching these days)

Anyway, it reminds me of this random video. It may be a fan concept, though it says confidential at the bottom left and provides a link to somewhere in Nokia (which my browser says doesn’t exist).

Anyway, it looks to be some kind of MeeGo device.

The tablet has a kind of weird wedge like that ugly Sony tablet.

The phone adopts the same design. It’s certainly different.

And then they have another phone which folds.

The app arrangement looks like Symbian.
But that’s just the homescreen
Here’s something interesting. Apparently there are ‘no more menus’.
Apps to try. No need to update as the latest version is served directly.
The calendar shows this concept is from 2011.
Upcoming Notifications
Very pretty pull down
Respond from the notifications
Look at the caller.
FACE ON, the tablet.
Who ever made this, fantastic job.
It’s certainly not Windows Phone  - or even a hint of being Nokia’s UI on Windows Phone. It’s something entirely different. Kudos on the UI design.

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