Thursday, 14 June 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview, Metro UI, bye bye Aero??

How do you guys feel about what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8? Remember, as things stand now, they want to do away with the Aero glass feature as well as the ability to boot straight to the traditional desktop. Then there is the whole debate about the Start button. Microsoft also said that they will "rip out the part of the code" that would enable a Windows 8 user to have a choice between booting into Metro or booting to the desktop.

Those statements don't exactly make Microsoft very credible when they talk about how much faster boot times are, as the best SSDs in RAID 0 won't beat Windows 7's boot time, if the user has to click their way through an often times unwanted (or downright hated) Metro UI. Metro looks and works great on Windows Phone 7 and presumably also on upcoming Windows 8-enabled tablets, but on a laptop, I'm not so sure.

A few things I do like are the new Task Manager along with other previously less attractive and less intuitive "system" apps. And I like the Aero glass a lot, but then again, I was one of the people who liked Vista.

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