Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nielsen said the world's 1/3 of smartphone users use the iPhone

Market research firm Nielsen recently said in a report by the end of March this year, the global 1/3 of smartphone users use the iPhone.

Nelson also said that Apple's Web site is one of the world's most popular sites, 72 million U.S. unique visitors in April this year. In addition, Apple has become one of the 10 network brands '.4 months, Apple's Web site average visitors spend nearly one hour on the site.

Nelson said, the iPhone users download an average of 50 applications, Facebook is the most popular applications in the iPhone, followed by the map application. 1/3 of iPhone users have downloaded paid apps in the past 30 days.

U.S. technology blog Business Insider editor Henry Blodget (Henry Blodget), Apple's success is mainly due to a wider range of sales channels (new Sprint and other operators), the lower the prices of products (including low-cost iPhone 3GS ), the new sales partners (including Wal-Mart, Amazon (microblogging) and Best Buy), and the cost of the iPhone and competitors' products and consistent.

In addition, Virgin Mobile has announced that will be pre-paid in the form of sales of the iPhone 4S. Even though the phone itself sells for $ 649, but according to the calculation of the use of a two-year cost only $ 1,369, $ 300 less than AT & T contract machine than Verizon $ 500 and Sprint contract machine.

iPhone is a big advantage relative to the Android phone, the iOS device is more uniform, while the Android device then there is the obvious fragmentation of the Android ecosystem provides more choice and competition, but the screen of uniform size, uniform accessories and applications The ecosystem is conducive to the development of iOS devices.

By JD Power report, the Apple has ranked the top of the smartphone manufacturers. March this year, the thousand-point scale, Apple scored 839 points, the second HTC (microblogging) score of 798 points. (Viking)

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