Monday, 11 June 2012

Sapphire’s AMD FirePro Cards Power 6480x3840 Resolutions

Sapphire FirePro demonstation at Computex 2012
Lately there wasn’t much talk about AMD’s professional line of graphics card. The company seems to lack the will to make its professional solutions more popular unlike Nvidia is doing with their Quadro line.

AMD seems to be leaving such marketing and announcements to its partners and Sapphire is happy to oblige.

The long time AMD AIB partner has just presented during this year’s Computex show an array of FullHD monitors that were connected to an AMD FirePro professional video card.

The impressive aspect of Sapphire’s display was the fact that all the displays were controlled by a single video card using some Vid-2X display expanders.

The whole setup was comprised of 12 FullHD monitors displaying a resolution of 6480 by 3840 pixels.

TechReport has managed to get a picture of the setup and it is truly impressive.

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