Friday, 8 June 2012

iPhone 5 Back Cover/Middle Plate Hands-On Video Confirms Major Design Changes

Outer frame/Middle Plate of an alleged iPhone 5 model has been leaked which is entirely different from the iPhone 4S signature metal frame. The parts, however, have striking resemblance with the schematic photo and the back plate leaked last week. The new parts show a different arrangement; if you compare the iPhone 5 metal chassis with other its predecessor.

eTradeSupply got their hands-on with the iPhone 5 back plate and noted the following changes -

The next generation iPhone will be the same width as the current 4 and 4S models, but will be taller in size – around 4-inches diagonally.
The upcoming iPhone will be much thinner. The exact dimensions are unknown, however.
The leaked part is neither a battery door nor a middle plate. It is a single integrated part! The iPhone 5 back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminum alloy. Major design changes in the upcoming iPhone.
Earphone jack has been moved from top to the bottom of the iPhone
Apple has redesigned the dock connector which is smaller in size
SIM card tray is different in size – a smaller one. So, expect a smaller SIM card tray.
Enhanced speaker grills. If you carefully examine the video, you’ll notice an extra space at the bottom – may be to enhance the speaker’s quality.

iPhone 5背板曝光
与4S相比,看起来新iPhone 5屏幕要更大一些。
从顶部设计来看,4S的耳机插孔在iPhone 5上面不见了

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