Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hailing a cab now just an app away.

In Malaysia, people can now book taxis through their smartphones using the MyTeksi passenger application.


MyTeksi, Malaysia's first mobile taxi hailing service, allows passengers to get confirmation of their taxi booking within three minutes, MyTeksi chairman Chew Wei Chuan said.
"It is a new choice in taxi booking services that improves data transparency and the matching process of driver to passenger."
He pointed out that taxi drivers now spend up to about 60 per cent of their time idling and waiting for passengers.
"The MyTeksi system will also improve the livelihood of taxi drivers."
Passengers can type in their location and destination addresses into the application, with an additional option to tip. A three-minute countdown will be launched after the passenger confirms the booking, during which the booking request is sent to drivers within the vicinity who are allowed to bid for the job.
"The selection process is automatic and the system will select the taxi driver that is closest to the passenger."
Passengers will receive an SMS or a call and will be able to view details of the confirmed pick-up taxi driver, including name, handphone number, car plate number, approximate arrival time and estimated fare.
Passengers will also be able to rate the driver at the end of the journey.
"The system gives passengers certainty, most of the time within one and a half minutes," Chew said, adding that the MyTeksi system currently receives 500 bookings a day with more than 100 taxis utilising the system.

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