Monday, 11 June 2012

Andy Rubin Not Leaving Google, Android Hits 900,000 Daily Activations

Hey guess what? Andy Rubin, the “father” of Android isn’t leaving Google, no thanks to Robert Scoble and a bit of controversy earlier today when he reported via Google+ that Rubin was ready to step away from Google. Scoble claimed that Rubin was planning to leave Google and take charge of a new startup called CloudCar. Rubin is often the face of the Android platform and his stepping away just weeks before Google I/O would cast a heavy shadow on the future of the platform.

The good news? Rubin took to both Twitter and Google+ denying the rumors flat out and reminding us that Android is now activating 900,000 every — single —- day. As for CloudCar, the startup is being run by some friends of Rubin and he offered them some office space in his Los Altos startup incubator. Thus goes the rumor mill.
As for that 900,000 number? Last year Google was closing on 700,000 so a six month jump and an extra 200,000 daily activations continue to make Rubin quite the man on campus. We have no doubt that Rubin will continue to oversee Android for some time as it continues its stratospheric rise and world domination.

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