Thursday, 7 June 2012

80 USD Nokia low-cost full touchscreen S40 phones

AS Early as few months ago there are rumors that Nokia will launch the S40 touch screen mobile phone today. Yes, Nokia has finally launched three super low-cost Asha Touch series phones Asha305, Asha306, and Asha311.

500元起 诺基亚发超低价全触屏S40手机
Asha 311
500元起 诺基亚发超低价全触屏S40手机 
Asha 305

500元起 诺基亚发超低价全触屏S40手机
500元起 诺基亚发超低价全触屏S40手机

The three new machines with 3-inches touch screen, as well as Asha Touch UI interface, built-in Nokia the Browser 2.0 and a number of EA's free games. At same time, the three mobile phone Asha have employed three main screen design and also has a drop-down menu which has the ability to view unread message or missed calls, change the phone profile, music player, data connection, Bluetooth switches, etc. .

Among them, the best specification of Asha311 will has WQVGA-level multi-touch capacitive screen, equipped with gorillas scratch-resistant glass, with a 1GHz processor, providing 3.2 million pixel camera, built-in 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM storage, and support memory card expansion.

The specs slightly lower of Asha 305 will has resistive touch screen with a WQVGA specifications, with 2 million pixel camera and supports GPRS / EDGE network. Asha306 configuration and 305 are basically the same, the only difference is the 305 with dual SIM card function, while the 306 supports Wi-Fi capability.

Nokia said that the three machine for low-end user groups, one of the most inexpensive Nokia Asha 305 market in the second quarter of this year, the phone is priced at 63 euros, equivalent to about 80 USD  Nokia Asha 306 will be available in the third quarter at price of about 68 euros ( equivalent to about 86 USD). Asha 311 will also be available in the third quarter of this year. The price is 92 euros( equivalent to about 115 USD).

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